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Tools of the Trade

If you're going it alone, designing an entire space (or home) is a hefty project. You may not know where to begin; luckily, there are tons of great tools created by professionals that are at your disposal. We've decided to fill you in on a few of our favorites!


Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer

Paint is often the first thing someone may do when they are redesigning a space. However, we often like to save this for last. It allows us to choose the perfect color to anchor the room with after designing all other aspects. The Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer is a great tool to use if you are unsure of what color you want to use. It allows its user to explore all of the different options and directions they could go, without having to take the plunge and paint their whole room orange, for example.

Head over to their site to start exploring, or download the app to visualize colors on-the-go!

Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer

If choosing one paint color is a difficult task for you, try choosing an entire palette! Luckily, Paletton's color scheme tool allows you to create color combinations that work well together, according to classical color theories. Users are able to add the colors that are already being used in their design, and are given a set of complimentary colors to go along with them. It's so easy, and the options are endless!

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is a great tool for beginners and professionals alike! This software gives you the ability to create floor plans, furnish and decorate them, and then visualize your final product in 3D. Handy guidelines ensure accurate results, and there are thousands of options to choose from, from flooring to finishes to furnishings.

Tricks for Designing Small Spaces

Whether it's your shabby-chic beach house, or a cozy weekend getaway, Coastal Living has enlightened us on how to take advantage of every inch. Their article Designer Tricks for Small Spaces shows the reader how to make the most out of their small space by using mirrors, getting creative, and using scale to their advantage. If you're struggling with designing tight quarters, this article is a must-read!

We hope these tools will help you throughout the process of redesigning your home. If you ever get stumped, let us know and we will be happy to help! If there is anything in specific you would like addressed, leave us a suggestion and we will get back to you!

Thanks for reading!

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