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Gracie & de Gournay: Beautiful Wallpaper That Won't Go Out of Style

If you decide to dress your walls in paper, you will soon realize that the possibilities are endless; vinyl, embossed, fabric-backed, borders, foil, grass-cloth, silk, murals, and the list goes on. There are simple designs such as a floral, grass-cloth, damask, or tone-on-tone, contemporary abstracts, and there are trendy patterns that may be all the rage today, and totally out of style in a few months. Whatever look you are going for, the use of wallpaper is an easy way to add drama to a room.

However, if you are looking to invest in your wallpaper, it is important that it will be classic and timeless. Gracie and de Gournay are two of the most well-respected wallpaper companies, and their products are sure to stand the test of time.


Established in New York City in 1898, Gracie is a family-run business to this day. After a friend of Mr. Gracie's returned from China with a roll of exquisite hand painted wallpapers, a relationship was established and the studio has been managed by the same Chinese family for over fifty years. The signature Chinese, Japanese, and Custom American/European hand painted wallpapers are sold in the New York showroom, along with textured and antique wallpapers and the rest of Gracie's product line.

By covering these bedroom walls with Gracie, an otherwise neutral palette does not seem boring. This creates a grand statement, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Another grand statement, Gracie wallpaper panels look absolutely beautiful in an Entry, creating a First Impression that is sure to knock the socks off of guests.

If you are looking to use Gracie, but aren't ready to go all out, it can be used on just one wall to create a Focal Point for the room, as seen below.

Another way to utilize Gracie is by simply framing panels. It is cost-effective and creates the same effect as would a piece of art.

de Gournay

The philosophy behind de Gournay is to "help realize your dreams of a perfect interior." Vibrant, balanced and contrasting colors are used to create an "aura of happiness" that allows a beautiful space for relaxation. De Gournay is known for their attention to detail and quality, and they are trained professionals in every aspect of the product. Their products are seen as an investment, and their value will only appreciate over time.

Their collection of Chinoiserie wallpapers are very similar to that of Gracie's, creating the same luxurious feel.

Other collections offered by de Gournay include Printed Paper Panoramics, Japanese and Korean, Eclectic, Plains, and Custom Projects.

De Gournay has also done collaborations with high-end names such as Jonathan Rachman Design, Aquazurra, Moda Operandi, and Chanel.

Because Gracie & de Gournay tend to sell their wallpaper in panels, the exquisite papers do not come cheap. If you are wanting the same look for less, check out these similar products that are a fraction of the price!

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